History of the Foundation

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The Dr. AB Monozca Foundation is a European (Monaco, France) based foundation & trust entity which supports various philanthropic initiatives in Ocean Protection, Education / Edutainment, Human Capital, Micro-Finance, High-Tech Agriculture & Aquaculture, Renewable Energy and Inspirational Sports.

The foundation was named after the late Dr. Armando B. Moñozca, a former district governor of Rotary International , former President of the Family Planning Organisation of the Philippines and held various positions in Singapore and the Philippines as a physician / surgeon. The foundation is now run by his son, Paul Moñozca, who has been based in Singapore for over 20 years. Coming from a family of doctors, his grandparents, Dr. Mario Infante and his wife, Dra. Pacita Lorenzo continue to also serve as an inspiration to the foundation’s various initiatives.

The Early Years

The Dr. AB Moñozca Foundation started as a purely Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Charity oriented organisation in the central Philippines. 

The foundation focused on urgent needs of sugar and coconut farmers such as medical missions and feeding programs and was supported by close friends and associates. Scholarships in public schools and church restorations were also part of the early years of the foundation. 

The foundation attracted beneficiaries by the truckloads and in the mid 1990's was supporting over 6000 beneficiaries a year thru the fund raising done via major sporting events in Singapore and the United States. 

BIO of the Chairman & CEO

Mr. Paul Moñozca chairs the board of trustees of the award winning Moñozca Foundation (www.monozca.org). He was responsible from developing the foundation with its roots in the central Philippines to a leading global philanthropic organization since 2003 . He is the founder of one of the largest Philanthropic Funds in the world based in Monaco with resources supporting Renewable Energy, Ocean Protection, Micro-Finance, Education and Agriculture. 

He has been credited as the architect of the world’s first cross border fund transfer system using Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) with various multi-national banks including Development Bank of Singapore and Singapore Post. His business and philanthropic interests include the Formula Green Corporation (www.formulagreencorp.com), Coral World Park Undersea Resorts Inc. (www.coralworldpark.com) ; Hawker House RestoCafes Inc. ; Hacienda Pacita Philippines Inc., and the Cocoon SME Fund.

He was awarded the “Sporting Singapore Inspirational Award” in 2006 by the Singapore government and the Singapore Sports Council for his patronage and charitable contributions in sports and is the only Filipino in the history of the Singapore sports award to be given the highest recognition in sports. He also currently serves as Chairman of the American Basketball Association Global (www.abaglobalbasketball.com) in the United States since 2010 and is also a patron of electric racing, polo, golf and yachting.

Other recognitions he has received in his career include citations from the Philippine Embassy in Singapore for his support in promoting Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) for returning OFW’s (2000) ; the Rotary Club of Suntec City (Singapore’s Silicon Valley) as guest speaker for Philanthrocapitalism (2002) ; Singapore’s Laguna National Golf Club for charitable contributions (2005) ; SEA Games - the 24thSouth East Asian Games for his support in the training of the Philippine National Basketball Team (2007) and Oracle Corporation’s (USA) Global Partner Award (2000).  

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Paul has worked for Singapore based companies for 18 years such as Quaker Oats (Gatorade), Siemens (with Music Television [MTV] & the McLaren-Mercedes Formula One Team), Andersen Consulting and PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting / Banking & Capital Markets / Corporate Finance / Deals.

He has been a member of the American Chamber of Commerce and the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and is a member of the Forbes Conference Circle since  inception in 2005. He is currently focused on working with selected individuals and organisations to create a progressive Philippines, his home country and is a staunch advocate of a “Shared Resources Economy” for the benefit of Humanity as a whole and world peace.