“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Notable projects funded by the Moñozca Foundation in partnership with the CWP Trust, Monaco:


Recipient : Ocean Protection --- Project : Coral World Park, Philippines

Philippines : to support the Coral Reef's and it's Marine Life, ABMF funded the Coral World Park, creating the 2nd largest Marine Reserve in the World, next to Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The project is paving the way to showcase green and category 5 proof architecture, renewable energy, recycling, food sufficiency platforms and provide unique solutions to create the cities of the future.

Website : www.coralworldpark.com 

Recipient : Inspirational Sports --- Project : American Basketball Association Global League, USA


United States : to support the participation of international teams to the United States, ABMF funded the American Basketball Association (ABA Global) professional sports league, the 2nd largest basketball league in the United States to expand its broadcast, educational entertainment and other commercial interests worldwide. 

Website : www.abaglobalbasketball.com 

Recipient : SME-Finance --- Project : Parmon Payment Network, Singapore


Singapore : to support to bring down the cost of remittances to benefit the overseas workers population and to support the IDENTITY organisation OFW block, which has implemented an SME (small & medium enterprise), micro-finance and human resource technology platform for emerging economies, ABMF funded the Parmon Payment Network, the world's first cross-border fund transfer system using Automated Teller Machines (ATM's) and mobile phones. 

Recipient : Agriculture --- Project : Hacienda Pacita, Philippines


Philippines : to support the produce of 15,000 hectares of coconut plantations in Quezon Province, Palawan and Negros Occidental in the Philippines which is supported by the foundation. ABMF funded the coconut products company Hacienda Pacita, to acquire the assets of the leading coconut liquor company VuQo Inc. which produces coconut liquor products such as VuQo, Haliya Wines and multiple private labels such as Playboy Vodka. The foundation continually seeks acquisition and joint-venture opportunities to benefit coconut and sugar planters.

Website : www.vuqo.com 

Recipient : Renewable Energy --- Project : Formula Green, Monaco


Monaco : to support clean energy, ABMF funded the Formula Green Corporation which focuses on electric, heat, wind, solar and water current as sources of power in support of renewal energy for urban, tourism and transport use

Recipient : Micro-Finance --- Project : Hawker House RestoCafes Inc.


Singapore : to support the micro-entrepreneur, ABMF, thru its Cocoon Fund, has funded the Hawker House Co. to open its network in the Philippines and the USA. Hawker House focuses on providing micro-finance specifically for 'food trucks' or 'food carts' which sell packed meals to the mass based market together with grocery hampers . The first cafe outlet, the Gourmet Dimsum Cafe, was opened in the city of Iloilo in 2016. The first outlet of Hawker House with multiple food carts/stalls is opening in May 2017 in the Century Mall in Makati City, Philippines.

A full list of projects supported is available upon request by approved parties.